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Yo, I finally made another animation)Nazo and Shadic are characters who was created by Chakra X and made an appearance in Sonic: Nazo Unleashed (https://www... Update: Just so everyone knows, my username is SolarFoxProductions now. Chakra-X gave me full permission to make a fan sequel. This was before he decided to. musicas do vídeo: 1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMQHYmrE8qs2-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC1sK76jJb The Sequel to the Sonic fan film Sonic: Nazo Unleashed wrathofnazo. Sonic and The Wrath Of Nazo. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Sonic and The Wrath Of Nazo. The Sequel to the Sonic fan film Sonic: Nazo Unleashed.

Think we can reach 3000 Likes for the latest installment of ModMondays? That'd be awesome :DThis is my 1080p HD Playthrough of Sonic Generations for the PC!. Nazo is a mysterious blue-gray glowing hedgehog-like creature that appeared in an early trailer for Sonic X. The image also appeared on Sega 's Japanese website and was entitled Nazo.jpg, which has led to some fans assuming that Nazo was to be this character's name. This is however questionable because the word Nazo means mystery in Japanese. He did not appear in the actual show and Sega.

Nazo the Hedgehog is the main antagonist of the fan-made film Sonic:The Power of Nazo, as well as it's re-make film Sonic: Nazo Unleashed and its upcoming sequel, Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo. Nazo was designed and inspired after the early character design for Super Sonic which was featured in the series teaser trailer and the beta image that was once featured on Sega's official Japanese. Team Sonic vs Nazo Scene Creator Ver. 4.5! remix by lolsonicgokuarut474. SonicD, ShadowD and SilverJ vs Nazo by hyperdarksonic. Team Sonic vs Nazo Scene Creator Ver. 4! remix-2 by How2Solve4X. SILVER VS NAZO by SlLVER_THE_HEDGEHOG

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  1. Name: Sonic The Hedgehog. Origin: Sonic: Nazo Unleashed DX. Gender: Male. Age: Unknown, Likely as old as his game counterpart (15) Classification: Hedgehog. Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Attack Reflection ( Reflected an energy attack from Nazo ), Regeneration (Low) ( Consistently regenerates from.
  2. Sonic: Nazo Unleashed Pt2 Share Collapse Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December 2020
  3. 1 About 2 Characters 2.1 Team Sonic 2.1.1 Sonic the Hedgehog 2.1.2 Sally Acorn 2.1.3 Tails 2.2 Team Nazo 2.2.1 Nazo 2.2.2 Eggman 2.2.3 Eggman Nega 3 Script Sonic and his friends are racing against Team Nazo! Sonic is wining for Mobius and Nazo is winning for Robotropolis! Go Sonic! Sonic is a super speeded hedgehog who loves adventures and racing! Sonic will beat Eggman's team anytime! Sonic.
  4. Nazo is a hedgehog-like power, who was oringal going to appear in the actual show, but removed from the previous show for an unknown reason. Nazo, name means mystery in japenese. Nothing else is currently known about Nazo. He appears in the early trailer of Sonic X. He never appeared in the actual show and SEGA hasn't gave any information about the mysterious hedgehog. Some actaully think he.
  5. Sonic X (Japanese: ソニックX, Hepburn: Sonikku Ekkusu) is a Japanese anime television series based on Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. Produced by TMS Entertainment under partnership with Sega and Sonic Team, and directed by Hajime Kamegaki, Sonic X initially ran for 52 episodes, broadcasting on TV Tokyo from April 6, 2003 to March 28, 2004
  6. Sonic.exe Nightmare Beginning vs Nazo Unleashed! Which extremely powerful,fanmade Sonic OC-themed demonic hedgehog will win in a fight?! 1 Intro 2 Exetior 3 Nazo 4 Pre-Fight 5 Evil Unleashed and Executed-DEATH BATTLE! 6 Verdict Golden Moustache:Many Sonic fans have created their own original characters,fan themed things,and series about the Sonic franchise. Freddy the frog:But these two.
  7. An early shot of Super Sonic who would become known as Nazo amongst fans. In the early pilot for Sonic X, an alternate style of Super Sonic in his early form appeared in one shot for a couple of seconds. This version of Super Sonic was radically different from his final version, possessing a light blue glow and fur, much more upturned head.


The Sonic Nazo Sage is an ongoing series of Flash animations by animator Chakra-X that were first uploaded in 2004. There are four entries in the series to date, with more coming in the future. They all, in some format, revolve around the character, Nazo, a mysterious hedgehog-like being who's based on an odd picture of Super Sonic in the pilot advertisement for the anime, Sonic X. Said image. Nazo is the main antagonist of the 2006 Newgrounds flash series Sonic: Nazo Unleashed created by ChakraX. According to himself, Nazo is the embodiment of the negative energy built up in the Chaos Emeralds every time Sonic and his friends use them (Rather akin to Dragon Ball GT's Shadow Dragons). His goal is to gather all the power he can until eventually, he holds more energy than any star. Shadic the Hedgehogis a fusion of Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog from Nazo Unleashed and its sequel The Return of Nazo. Shadic is represented as the True Ultimate Life Form by the fans. He has Sonic and Shadow's voices that the two are combined into a composite form. He is the main protagonist from Nazo Unleashed and its sequel The Return of Nazo. Shadic also appeared in the sprite. Shadic, is the fusion form of Sonic and Shadow through Chaos Unification, who appears in Sonic The Anime, and it's Manga series.He's technically the first main character fusion of the series. Shadic first appeared during Sonic!: The Movie: Nazo Unleashed!, and was promoted intensely in the movie's advertising

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  1. Team hero (sonic shadow and silver) vs Nazo Scene Cr by Thatguyoverthere69; sonic shadow and silver vs nazo and dark sc by sonicshadow123456; Team Sonic vs Nazo Scene Creator!!! with evil dark sonic remix remix by your-a-jerk; Team Sonic vs Nazo Scene Creator!!! with evil dark sonic remix remix by csf3645
  2. Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo: Directed by Aaron Cowdery. With Edwyn Tiong, Mike Wilson, Connor McKinley, Kyle Boyle. In the long anticipated sequel to the original flash.
  3. Sonic: Nazo Unleashed Pt1 - Sonic Games - Popular online Sonic games and videos portal. Play the best Sonic the Hedgehog games and watch your favorite Sonic and new Sonic Boom videos for free
  4. Sonic & Shadow Reacts To Sonic Nazo Unleashed! Sonic The Hedgehog and Shadow The Hedgehog do a reaction video to the Charkra-X animation Nazo Unleashed! Wher..

Sonic: Nazo Unleashed Pt1. NO, Nazo Unleashed is not coming out today. Yeah that's what the alpha said, but that was an estimate, hence the phrase, Expected Release date. In regards to clockday and the last parts I am working on, it should be done around August 20th Sonic: The Return Of Nazo Part 1. Share. Collapse. Frames: 20,222 Running time: 9 - 11 minutes (Depends if you watch the intro and credits) I apologize for not adding voices in it. Some of the voice actors were taking too long, and I just decided not to have any. Special thanks to the people who helped and gave me the inspiration to complete. Sonic and The Wrath Of Nazo. Today, the DX version of Sonic: Nazo Unleashed hit 10 million views in under 2 years! This is one of the big reasons I am making the Wrath of Nazo, the amount of support and interest in something I made 10 years ago (but reuploaded as a full piece 2 years ago) is awesome

Hyper Nazo is ALOT Stronger than Perfect Nazo, and possibly stronger than Hyper Shadic, so Seelkadoom has no chance. An easy win for Hyper Nazo. How powerful is Darkspine Sonic? Darkspine Sonic has also demonstrated a profound and brutal form of hand-to-hand combat, being capable of delivering powerful kicks and punches in rapid succession Chakra-X. Publication date. 2014-06-21. Topics. sonic, flash, newgrounds, nazo unleashed, video, animation, youtube. Language. English. Originally created on Newgrounds in 2006! (Re-uploaded for better sound quality and a music change to not affect weird YouTube copyright searches sonic-nazo-unleashed-part-1 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4. plus-circle Add Review. comment. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review. 17 Views . DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 1 file . ITEM TILE download. download 1 file . JPEG. This new creature name is Nazo, an embodiment made of the negative components of the Chaos Emeralds, his plan is to steal all the Emeralds to become more powerful, but it's time for Sonic and his friend to stop him before it's to late. Error: please try again. After the lost of his friends, Sonic must transform into his super form to defeat Nazo

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Sonic and The Wrath Of Nazo. Nazo-themed Sonic The Hedgehog 25th anniversary! Sonic played a huge role in me growing up and influenced my interest in animation when I saw fan sprite cartoons on Newgrounds of him and Mario fighting. He didn't always have ground breaking games but something about him was so more engaging for me than other. Concept. Seelkadoom was originally inspired the fusion of Sonic and Shadow, known as Shadic, who appeared in the 2004 Movie The Power of Nazo. MidNightMaren then made a different design of a combination of Sonic and Shadow, with a more menacing look, confirming that he is basically Shadic, but an evil version Superhero battle match: Sonic The Hedgehog versus Nazo (NazoVerse). Who will win in a fight between Sonic The Hedgehog and Nazo (NazoVerse) Shadic, is the fusion form of Sonic and Shadow through Chaos Unification, who appears in Sonic The Anime, and it's Manga series.He's technically the first main character fusion of the series. Shadic first appeared during Sonic!: The Movie: Nazo Unleashed!, and was promoted intensely in the movie's advertising

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Sonic Boom: Nazo Unleashed is a movie 2021 created by Cartoon Network. It involves of a being made out of pure negative energy collecting the Chaos Emeralds for an evil plot of his. The voices, except for Nazo's, who was voiced by Omahdon, were taken from some Sonic games, most of which had to be edited to create new lines 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Shadow the hedgehog is one of the protagnists of the movie Sonic: Nazo Unleashed, he fights with sonic to take down the threat known as Nazo. Tier: At least Low 7-B | High 6-A | High 6-A | At least High 6-A Name: Shadow The Hedgehog Origin: Sonic: Nazo Unleashed DX Gender: Male Age: Unknown, Likely as old as his canon counterpart (Over 50 (17. Nazo is the main antagonist from the Chakra-X series Sonic: Nazo Unleashed and its sequel The Return of Nazo, as well as the main antagonist from the upcoming movie The Wrath of Nazo. He first appears in Sonic X, but was cut. He appears in Sonic: Nazo Unleashed as the main antagonist and an enemy of Sonic and his friends Sonic: Nazo Unleashed ReMIXis a animated Movie Created by Chakra-X, originally released as a 3-part Cartoon on newgrounds.com. The Movie revolves around the battle against a being known asNazo (Which Literally means mystery in Japanese), a being compromised ofnegative Chaos energyfrom all the times theChaos Emeraldshave been misused for evil. The Movie was remastered and redubbed by Eloy.

Nazo Unleashed is a fan-made Web Animation trilogy of Sonic the Hedgehog by Flash animator Chakra-X (Newgrounds, deviantART, YouTube). It is based around an unused screenshot from Sonic X that had a mysterious hedgehog with spiked-up quills and a silver coat. The mysterious character was Fan Nicknamed Nazo, a Japanese word for mystery. The premise of the trilogy is that Nazo is a sentient. Fem!Sonic X Nazo Sonadow. Don't own any of it just the plot! nazo; sonicthehedgehog; femsonic +1 more # 14. Ask Sonic - With Friends & Foes by TheSevenMenaces7. 81 4 2. photo used for cover by Sonicx720 on DeviantArt This is a book where you can ask or dare, or even both, Sonic and crew! Let's see what answers they come up with and how..

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Perfect Nazo is one of Nazo's Super Transformations. In Nazo Unleashed (Youtube Video) Nazo steals theChaos Emeralds from Sonic and his friends. The Evil hedgehog brang the Emeralds up to Angel Island, where he transformed, claiming himself Perfect Nazo. In the end,Sonic and Shadow team up and defeat Nazo I would love to see them encounter each other as they face against Sonic and Shadow. Reply. aksaray67. May 13, 2021. Also even cooler is..... this fusion using Nazo's new Chaos form from Wrath of Nazo. Reply. NehemLockTheHedgeGod. Jul 5, 2021. Nice. Reply. jalonso980. May 11, 2021. Thx. Reply The Creator God above the Primordial Deities and the true identity of the Master Emerald. He appeared from beyond the Expanse to contest the corrosive entity known as Ashura. 1 History 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Current Events 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Powers and Abilities 5 Relationships 6 Gallery 7.. The Sonic X pilot is the pilot episode of the Sonic X anime. While the episode features an overview plot of the anime, several elements present are largely different from the final release. One notable difference is the inclusion of Nazo, a scrapped Super Sonic model that was not used in the anime. 1 Appearances 2 Plot 3 Production analysis 4 English version 5 The other promo 6 Trivia 7. Apr 14, 2019 - Explore Madi-Chan's board Nazo the Hedgehog, followed by 176 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about hedgehog, sonic, sonic the hedgehog

Nazo is the main antagonist of Sonic: The Power of Nazo and its remake Sonic: Nazo Unleashed (Parts 1-3, and the remaster Sonic: Nazo Unleashed DX), as well as the official sequel Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo, all created by Chakra-X, plus the non-official sequel Sonic: The Return of Nazo made by SolarFoxProductions.. Nazo is a being of pure negative energy, created from all the times planet Earth. Sonic Generations > Videos > Iron Cgull's Videos This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. It is only visible to you

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Nazo char by Sonikku TSK. Perfect Nazo char by dauduar. Report. Share. Followers 0. Previous File Sonic. Next File Metal Sonic MK3 (Mecha Sonic) User Feedback. 0 Reviews Sonic and his friends have parted ways since the events of Sonic Adventure 3, but now they must reassemble to stop their most powerful enemy yet, Nazo. With his power of Dark Chaos Energy, Nazo plans to combine all universes into one, so Sonic and his team must now travel through the multiverse in order to find the mysterious Dark Chaos Emeralds Nazo was a recurring villain in the series, being an unwitting antagonist in Darkness and Light and a secondary antagonist in Fire and Ice. He was a being created from the negative Chaos Energy from the Chaos Emeralds and was a member of The Organization before being killed by its leader, The Darkness of Evil, for failing to eliminate Sonic and Shadow. 1 History/Background Information 2.

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Nazo growled and swing a punch but Sonic dodge and did a back flip, Nazo rushes at Sonic continue to swing his fist and kicking Sonic but Sonic did a butterfly twist dodging Nazo and homing attack Nazo out of the blue and kicks him up in the air then blasted multiple white and yellow energy arrows at him using True Hyper Chaos Arrow Nazo | Sonic Fanon Wiki | Fandom --> --> --> --> (Ok I changed my mind, I am gonna put Nazo in here, but he's not gonna steal you XD) Oh my god Nazo you scarred the crap out of me! Don't do that ever again! He laughs. Scarred easily I see. You roll your eyes. Well when your sleeping at night and someone takes you out of your bed, then you see your in the air yea you would be scarred

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Shock flitted across the red hedgehog's face as his eyes beheld the sight of the white hedgehog floating before him that had emerged from the rubble that Sonic and Shadow had been buried in. Nazo's yellow eyes narrowed, the blue pupils glaring at the hedgehog as he opened his eyes. The white hedgehog blinked, then stared right back at Nazo. Nazo.But he dodge them all.The fight with Nazo and Super Shadow whent on.But Nazo got beheld Super Shadow.What.said Super Shadow.Nazo hit Super Shadow down to the ground.Then Nazo did the same attack that he did to Sonic at the start of the battle.But Super Shadow used Chaos control to get out of the way.Then he hits Nazo to the ground and. Cyber Nazo is the cyborg form of Nazo in The Return of Nazo, he is more powerful than Nazo due to his additional Cybernetics Nazo was named by antagonist Richard Spencer after the famous Nazi Party of Germany (started by Eggman as a secret anti-Sonic and anti-Jew movement in 1874.) He is considered to be the ultimate weapon against the Jewish issue

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Nazo Unleashed. Act Two: Vengeful Duet. 13:08 - Central Desert. The dust settled, and Nazo picked himself up of the ground. The blow from Dark Super Sonic had sent him flying a few miles away from where he had been Nazo stopped the still spinning Sonic with one hand, a cocky smile on his face. A blast of black energy shot out the hand, blasting Sonic back to earth. Sonic, bloodied and bruised, could almost sense the ground rushing up to meet hi Nazo the Hedgehog est un personnage originaire de la série Sonic the Hedgehog.Il est apparu pour la première fois dans le jeu Sonic Adventure 3 et est un personnage spécial, du fait que son design est celui d'une transformation de Sonic pour la série télévisée Sonic X, mais qui avait été abandonnée.Nazo est aussi apparu dans un film de fans fait en 2006, Sonic : Nazo Unleashed, mais. Sonic Nazo Unleashed. Due to a planned power outage, our services will be reduced today (June 15) starting at 8:30am PDT until the work is complete

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Dark Sonic Vs. Nazo. 6 years ago. Damian Balmaceda. Un fragmento de la saga de Nazo Unleashed!!! En Sonic Games. Nazo Unleashed Part 1 features Nazo, the evil hedgehog stealing the chaos emerald from the local jewelry store... This flash game is a remake of The Power of Nazo and is known as Nazo Unleashed Part 1 in many circles of trust. This is more of a movie than a flash game but is still pretty cool anyways Share your videos with friends, family, and the worl vg trivia challenge, vg trivia challenge passwords, sonic games wiki, sonic games list, sonic games 2012, sonic games free online, sonic games cc, sonic games for gamecube, sonic games for kids online, sonic games for pc, sonic games 201 Sonic Games. Nazo Unleashed Part 2 continues the great production with 9 more minutes of flash scenes for you to watch. Totaling 9 1/2 minutes, Nazo Unleashed Part 2 plays more like a movie than a flash game. If you're a fan of Nazo Unleased Part 1 and want to see how the story continues, then check this flash video out below Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020; Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games; Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games; Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games; Other games. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008) Sonic Battle (2003) Sonic Pinball Party (2003) Tails Adventure (1995) Game features